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Insider's Guide to Southern California Home Page



Now that you've had a virtual vacation in Sunny Southern California, why not take home a souvenir of your trip?

Here you can find all kinds of great books on Southern California...personally selected by your webmasters...discounted up to 40%. Choose your category below:




  • DEATH TOUR fans are sure to like the following titles selected by the Death Tour Guide himself. All are highly recommended and should appeal to all fans of the tour! Scroll down for more:

    Hollywood Babylon The Night Stalker My Dark Places Helter Skelter Outrage

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    • Hollywood Babylon
        Kenneth Anger's definitive account of the dark side of Hollywood. Read & be amazed. This book has also spawned 2 sequels...and will probably beget many more! Only $6.39
    • The Night Stalker...the Life and crimes of Richard Ramirez
        Ramirez is the one killer I can really remember being extremely scared of. His crimes were so random and he struck everywhere in Southern California. Read about this creepy killer's exploits and get a preview of an upcoming Death Tour! Only $4.79
    • My Dark Places
        James Ellroy is a tortured soul and sort of the patron saint of the Death Tour. Read his dark, true, and tortured story. Only $11.20
    • Helter Skelter
        Charles Manson and his followers are L.A.'s most notorious mass murderers. Vincent Bugliosi, the prosecutor in the case, has written the ultimate book about the case...a true classic of the genre. Only $6.00
    • Outrage
        Bugliosi again puts his storytelling talents to work. This time on the O.J. Simpson case. Only $5.59

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    GUIDE BOOKS Of course our biased opinion says that you're visiting the best Southern California Guide around. But there are others. Here we present a selection of uniquely Southern California guide books personally selected by us. Scroll down for more:

    Buying Retail is Stupid Diving & Snorkeling in Southern California

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    • Backroads of Southern California (not pictured)
        It's hard to believe but, yes, we still have some interesting drives left here in Sunny SoCal. Definitely off the beaten path, as we like to say. Only $12.96
    • Buying Retail is Stupid!
        Southern California is a shopper's paradise! You can get anything here easily. This great guide shows you how to do it easily and for up to 80% off. Only $11.96
    • Diving & Snorkeling in Southern California
        Diving & snorkeling aren't usually considered in the same breath as Southern California because of our murky waters. Well, someone has found some good spots (our favorite is Catalina). Get wet here for only $9.56
    • Hidden Southern California (not pictured)
        Another effort from our locals to get you to see something more worthwhile than Venice Beach & Hollywood. Only $13.56
    • A Guide to Historical Outings in Southern California (not pictured)
        No, we're not talking about Ellen Degeneres here. Our area is full of historical resources both good and bad. As historical buffs ourselves (the Death Tour is about history you know), we love finding out the fascinating tidbits our region's past has to offer. Find out more with this worth-while guide. Only $7.96

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    REGIONAL MAPS Once you're here...or if you live really need a map to find your way around this far-flung metropolis. Here are the best maps of the region. Scroll down for more:

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    SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA FICTION Good old Summy SoCal has been sparking imaginations for years. Here are some of our selections for the best in Southern California fiction. Scroll down for more:

    Bad Love The Ritual Bath The Big Sleep The Black Dahlia

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    • Bad Love
        Jonathan Kellerman is a child psychologist who traded that career for the life of a successful novelist. His ongoing here, Alex Delaware is...guess what...a child psychologist with a knack for getting in the middle of the most brutal crimes. With his buddy, a gay LAPD detective, and his girlfriend, Delaware tackles these mysteries. Written with a mostly west-side flair, never the less, Kellerman has a way with his characters and is so Southern California. Written taughtly with a great knowledge of the locale. Only $5.59
    • The Ritual Bath
        This mystery centered around Southern California's orthodox Jewish community is written by Faye Kellerman. Name sound familiar? That's right, she's the wife of the above mentioned Jonathan Kellerman. They make a great husband and wife mystery writing team. Mrs. Kellerman's characters are Peter & Rena Decker who meet while decker investigates crimes in the community's ritual bathing area. Only $5.59
    • Horse Latitudes (not pictured)
        Murder, mystery, financial intrigue! All set against the sun-baked backdrop of Southern California beaches from Belmont Shore to Laguna Beach. Only $4.76
    • The Black Dahlia
        The Black Dahlia...Elizabeth one of the most requested stops on the Death Tour. James Ellroy is a man most haunted by crime in our area. Here, he weaves a fictional account of this classic, unsolved murder. Very noirish and readable. Only $4.79

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