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Insider's Guide to Southern California Home Page
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The Range Riders Page, our cousins in the Palm Springs area are a good source of info for that area and also offer many services on their web site including downloadable audio clips from their albums.

Favorite Wildflower Sites, has many sites where wildflowers can be viewed in full bloom. Our favorite is the poppy fields by Palmdale in the!

About L.A. is another page geared towards visitors to Los Angeles. Also has accomodation information.

Griffith Park, L.A.'s legendary urban park turn 100 year old this year and has it's own home page.

Hikes in the Angeles Forest, check this page out for local hikes.

Thomas Brother's Maps. As anyone who is familiar with SoCal or lives here knows, a Thomas guide is the best SoCal souvenir and survival tool for the region. It would be hard to find a car here that does not have one of these very handy map books stashed inside.

Mountain Biking is alive & well in Southern California. This is the best page we can find on our local trails. Check out a couple we've contributed to the page.


Lately I've started to come across a new, unique, and surpisingly useful type of travel site...restroom sites! Don't laugh, if you've ever been caught in a...let's say "situation"...where you didn't have access to one you know how valuable this type of resource is. Here are two that cover the Southern California area:

The Happiest Potties on Earth is a detailed look and strategy guide for the navigating your way around to the best facilities at the Happiest Place on Earth...Disneyland.

The Restroom Review is dedicated to cataloging and reviewing public restrooms in California. It's still got a small database but should be growing once people start submitting more reviews.

How do you get around the L.A. area if you don't have a car? Well, contrary to popular belief, it is possible and much easier than it used to be. Check out Union Station for complete information on the L.A. region's rail transit. It's all here, from Angel's Flight to Metrolink to the subway. Bus information is available at the SOCALTIP page.

Fo you Death Tour fans who'd like to see more information on the stars besides where they departed this world, check out this site that promises Addresses and Maps to homes of Hollywood Stars..

If you do have a car, you'll want to avoid our notorious traffic jams, if possible. To do that you'll need a traffic report, available here..


Access Northern California provides a wealth of accessibility information for the northern half of our state.

BarnesandNoble.comis our site's new primary sponsor and owners of a great online book store. Please show your support for our guide by visiting their site. Click on their logo to go straight to their home page.

Dead Presidents Don't let the name fool you, this is an excellent educational web site... especially for your kids. Entertaining as well as informative, Manus Hand take us on a guided tour of the final resting places of our former chief executives. A great source for Death Tour fans too!

Global Access is a network for disabled travelers. This is a great page full of information for the adventurous traveler. Includes trip reports from around the world and travel tips & resources for the disabled traveler.

Puerto Vallarta, on the West Coast of Mexico is our favorite tropical getaway. I'd give it its own page but it doesn't fit in with the theme here at SCFF. This is the best link I've found for this city, with all the information you need to plan a trip to this beautiful town. Two tips for you: Stay either downtown or on the southside (avoid the north end, too touristy) and rent a condo or villa for affordable luxury...really!

Savvy Search is the first, true simultaneous-multiple search engine I have yet seen. Send a query to all the biggest search engines simultaneously! You can start a net search right now by typing in your query in the box below and clicking on their icon.

The Zone, is a way of eating that has helped us lose fat, gain muscle & energy, and not go hungry at all. There's nothing to you need buy, (but the book called "Enter the Zone" is a big help)'s just a new way of looking at how you eat. The whole concept is explaing at the link highlighted at the beginning of this paragraph...the webmasters can't recommend this enough!